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21-03-09 How We Spirits Assemble Self-awareness With A Body

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PostPost subject: 21-03-09 How We Spirits Assemble Self-awareness With A Body
Posted: Tue Mar 02, 2021 3:41 am

21-03-01, 21-03-04 shortened title, 21-03-05 added my eyewitness experiences & evidence with sources
and some conclusions.
21-03-09 Added Why we are young ignorant copies of God's operating logic, and "What To Do" conclusions.

RE-INCARNATING Spirits are the explanation for IN THE Body self-awareness, NDEs & Past Life Memories.
It is extraordinary how we self-aware beings have spent eons to create and embody the directions in matter using our DNA.

As Genesis says, we have been created in God's image, copies of his basic "operating logic". That does not
mean we understand and know what our Father knows and understands, just that we can become aware that
it/he wants conscious self-aware friends.

To Create Life Forms spirits must have real measurable physical characteristics
that enable us to manipulate matter and keep our life forms alive for a short while.

The evidence is voluminous and attested to by all the great religions.
Those who deny there is life after death are mistaken.

Below I will explain how we spirits assemble reality, and when you understand this fact,
you can create a better reality for all, especially yourself.

I had to hook together many different observations both personal, religious, and scientific to
understand that self-awareness rests on perceiving from a point on a timeline.
There are more than one such point, Each layered one upon the other to provide a greater perception.
How To Use The NOW Between Past||Future To See Universe

The path to this discovery started when I deduced that we are physical spirits who create
an Anti-Matter(A_M) debt when we cause our life forms to move which creates a problem.

Our A-M debt must come due predictably in a physically conserved universe. We have a
fixed number of orbits, the larger our living planets orbital radius, the more time we have.

Proof came after I saw the Barbary Castle crop circle that showed I was right.
I quickly deduced we could prevent our Anti-Matter debt from arriving(confirmed by evidence).
I promised the only person you can not get away with breaking your word to, yourself),
that I would not quit on us, and here we are 29 years later.

Next I will talk about what this implies for living consciously as a
could be eternal soul as I figure these out and add them here. Stay tuned.

31-03-04 Four observations:

1. Many of our leaders deny your soul does not exist after death.

2.Scientists explain discoveries by using observations witnessed by real people,
not conjectures that can not be verified by independent eyewitnesses.

3. Geometry is the simplest way of using a point to draw lines that describe
how our universe works that can be "felt" = deduced from measurements made with
the constant speed of light using Planck's Constanth where h distance = h time.

4.Doing science is "seat of the pants". Discovering is recognizing things that don't fit; then
by resolving these discrepancies, you can show and tell clearlly what you have discovered.

21-03-05 Evidence that your soul lives on after death and that we reincarnate..

One morning as I was awakening, a floating feeling, totally relaxed, I relived a moment,
lasting no more than a second from a far past life. It was an absolute feeling of triumphal joy
at completing my purpose, to kill a man by dropping from above, landing on his back, and crushing
the base of his skull with a stone hand axe.

Everything that caused me to do it, the smells of an early morning temperate forest, the hundreds
of times I practiced dropping on his back, and why I did it were all remembered in that moment.

I sat up in bed and exclaimed Jesus Christ. I was stunned. Clearly this had occurred hundreds of
thousands of years ago. The only person I told about it was my wife and later an Indian elder I knew.
He said, "Good kill, why did you do it?". I knew, but he was the first person who asked "Why?".
No one had asked, and not so oddly, I knew but did not want to relive why. I said out loud why.
"He killed my parents in front of me for no good reason and I followed him around and kissed his ass
until I was big enough to kill him." Even now, lifetimes later, the pain of their loss is still fresh.

I did four other past life regressions but I could not try to relive that life again. I lost my whole family
in three of these lives, died landing on a beach as a soldier around 1900, and had a lovely life as a priest
in a little church under an enormous tree in the early middle ages. I got to listen a lot. Died an old man.

These are my direct experiences of prior lives. My wife was an ICU nurse for 35 years ar Harborview
Medical Center in Seattle, the number 1 trauma center in the Pacific NW and she can report on
witnessing a number of NDEs. Since there are voluminous reports and books on reincarnation, NDEs,
and well documented spirit communications with the living, you can verify this for yourself.

Past lives are for learning, then we die, reincarnate and forget the previous details and learned habits
of the past necessarily, lest they interfere with dealing with our present circumstances, but they are
still with us as I can testify.

This book is an outstanding review of the evidence for previous and future lives:
"Far Horizons" by Michael Prescott. It does not include the "negative (hell)NDEs, about 15-20%.
Often they wake up the person to the fact they been behaving like a selfish jerk.

It is not that you have killed, it is why and how you do it. Make it clean and quick, no cruelty.
Its a good thing the kills I remember were for exacting justice in my past lives for murdering my families,
which means our Father knew I could not bear the feeling of losing my entire family(all of you) again.

Three conclusions:

1.The "I am" self-awareness, anchors us and our Father in the right Now of the
total timeline of Past and present. You do what must be done in the here and now.
God via our E-T star neighbors have given us full warning. Heed it or we will fry.

2.Justice is what will save us. Using our state votes, we can peaceably through a constitutional
convention clean out our corrupt, tyrannical, blindly greedy leaders in DC and elsewhere.
Our government was created of, by, and for the people; not cheating, super rich liars.

3. Wake up! Pull your heads out from where the Sun doesn't shine, because it will should you not.

"I swear to speak honestly and seek the truth when I use the No 1st Cost List public record."

Last edited by Dan on Tue Mar 09, 2021 11:17 am; edited 16 times in total

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