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#1: 2020-10-30-Premises For Base Identity Eq. For TOE. Author: DanLocation: USA : Mon Dec 30, 2019 9:36 am
2020-10-30, 2020-09-17, 12-30-19 Theory of Everything premises and conclusions.


1. A theory of everything(TOE) sees the universe from the viewpoint of observers
that share a common objective perceiving from point and use this object to act upon its
environment ability. By inspection that object is your lifeform that is directed by we/your own
physical spirits.

2. Using our life forms, we have to see/measure the universe by using the speed of light(c),
as all forms of matter and energy with respect to time can be measured with c units of
Planck's Constant(h) length.

3. This conserved identity, the plus matter and anti-matter are kept in balance in less
than a h unit of time-distance.

4. Only a Moebius Strip Geometry universe makes that possible because it has a
self-referential coordinate axis = Bowtie Line.

5. Therefore all interactions berween forces in the universe = Gravity, instant Gravity(iG),
the Repulsive Force(RF), the strong and weak nuclear forces, and electro-magnetism are predicted
by how they maintain the above identity.

6. To mathematically denote this we must define counting with respect to a base center
Zero Unit that has two ends = a plus & minus end. Thus by extension zeros link between all other
physical units(An instantaneous zero separator unit) that links the other physical forces together
in a countable chain of causes and effects.

7. As the observer/actor, we physical spirits can feel/see the "zero unit dividers between
physical unit/forces" and so manipulate them. Up to the present most of us have done that
8. Denying you have either an immortal or at least a longer than one lifetime soul isn't
going to change the fact there is consciousness after your body dies. All religions assert this fact.

Last edited by Dan on Sat Oct 31, 2020 10:42 pm; edited 15 times in total

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