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#1: My questions for E-Ts, our scientists, & our politicians Author: DanLocation: USA : Tue Jun 16, 2009 1:04 am
I will date any additional questions as I add them.

Questions for E-T 6-15-2009:

1. Are you going to help us do this disconnection? We need two blinkships, a ride to other side of Sun to end of FR, a "spiritscope", and a ride back home. I would not want to miss the outcome either way.

2. When the fixed ray(FR) of our planetary spirit line makes its final jump, "How long does it take?. I am predicting about 1/300th of a second, which gives us ample time to drop the blinkships down the wormhole(WH).

3. From which side of FR does it proceed?
Once we know this, we have a crucial piece of evidence needed for future FTL navigation in our Moebius Strip Geometry universe.

From our point of view, this FR jump should proceed at .5c. across its end. As the A-M debt is about 530 kilometers in diameter(eyeball measure using width of ray in Barbary Castle) then total time WH is open before A-M debt falls through is about 1/300th of a second. Literally a long time measured in h-bar time units.

If FR jump is virtually instantaneous, then we fry.

4. What is the switch time for a blinkship to drop down to zero c? If this is more than 1/300th of a second, then we need to know exactly when the FR jump begins preferably to a nanosecond.

Our scientists questions 6-15-2009:

1. We need confirmation of the measurements of the forces involved implied by the Barbary Castle &
Missing Earth crop circles.
a) In the Missing Earth, the Sun is moved about 40 million miles towards Mercury's orbit in six years. This implies an acceleration of about .3 KMS. Considering the mass of the Sun, that is a big acceleration = measure size A-M debt.

2. Measure of when is implied by positions of 65 largest asteroids and the conjunction overlap of two of these asteroids. The time shown is the moment of impact of the Gamma Ray beam from the Sun to center of Earth.

3. We need to infer where the end of FR is given these parameters. When A-M debt appears, it will move towards us at .5 c, hit the Sun at precise angle needed for Gamma Ray from leading edge to come out of Sun and strike Earth.

4. Confirm my estimate of size of A-M debt based upon width of ray from Sun in Barbary Castle using ray to one spoke circle.

5. Once we determine size precisely, we can determine how much hydrogen has been removed from the center of Sun. A-M debt is frozen hydrogen = quite dense compared to plasma in center of the Sun. Probably 2 or more orders of magnitude denser.

Questions for our politicians:

Your instincts as 3MS leaders is to deny and cover-up. I am sure the E-Ts have not told you about our little problem. Cover-up, delay, etc and you and your children will fry with the rest of us. So wake up and smell the roses.

1. Are you going to find out and release all data regarding E-Ts, especially government contacts and negotiations immediately? There are a number of E-T races involved. I suspect some races may not want us to survive.

2. You will publicly agree to talk with your E-T contacts and ask them to help and let me question them in person, won't you?

2. Given we attempt this disconnection, once we drop the blinkships down the WH and they whack and destroy our A-M debt, every spirit on Earth will be violently disconnected from our present A-M debt. My guess is that will, at the very least, disorientate us for a few minutes until a new A-M debt is started.

Ergo, no driving, flying, etc. We should all be sitting or lying down.

I suggest a worldwide 'holiday' to celebrate our rebirth as an honest society.

#2: Re: My questions for E-Ts, our scientists, & our politicians Author: DanLocation: USA : Sat Jul 31, 2010 11:01 pm
Still not a single question or comment to me. Not even name calling. Wowsers!

-> n1cl-1 Dan Alter's forum

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