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Why US $ Interest Rates Must Rise Catastrophicly Now
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PostPost subject: Why US $ Interest Rates Must Rise Catastrophicly Now
Posted: Mon Feb 07, 2022 3:15 pm

Started 2022-02-07 latest entry on top down to 1st, 22-05-11 changed title.
22-06-03 From now on the title will be the Title of latest post; latest entry 22-07-19

22-07-19 Why US $ Interest Rates Must Rise Catastrophically Now
Its obvious, once your $ cash flow from all sources is insufficient to service your outstanding
debt, the price of your debt must go down and interest rates therefore go up.
As your economy slows your cash flow decreases and Voila, your debt becomes worthless.
Which means catastrophically high interest rates, plus we have given many countries good reason not to like us.

Question, Who will hold accountable, these evil leaders who lied us into this spot. Some of our USA leaders
are well bought traitors. But accountability requires you see to it we have an honest justice system, wouldn't it?

22-07-10 Unless We Seek The Truth We All Die.
A planet of citizens who tolerate lying, cheating, and murdering their own children
with vaccines and who then use Nuclear Weapons can not be permitted to survive.

Once Nuclear Bombs are XCed on Earth, the E-Ts will not stop the Asteroid.
Walk a mile in the E-T shoes. Would you let us loose with FTL travel to their worlds
after we used Nuclear weapons on our own fellow citizens of Earth?

2022-06-03 Did the FBI have to know the boy wanted to slaughter children?
If yes, then the FBI's Political Bosses probably ordered & paid for Uvalde school massacre.

That boy had no credit, minimal income, no mother or father around, just two grand parents
who abhored guns, and gave him a room and food, but no money.

He shot and killed his grandmother just before going to the school. Probably she tried to stop him
from stealing his grandfather's pickup he used to haul his guns and 100+ magazines with.

2022-04-13 Doing FTL requires three things.
1. Knowing Quantum Entanglement exists and that h Planck's constant is the ultimate margin of error.
2. Invention of the "Relative to c Velocity Vector meter so we can synchronize clocks moving at different
speeds of light.
3. An equation that shows what direction to point a FTL ship so as to go to a different location within our universe. This basic equation is patentable = you can make money with it.

The reason why I will not publish by patenting this equation now is simple.
I will not let loose upon the universe a species that would rather let its leaders
start and fight a Thermonuclear war rather than make peace.

Right now it is clear to me that my fellow USA citizens and a good chunk of the rest of the planet
would rather tolerate lies from our leaders rather than publicly cooperate to save Earth and our children
by bringing these genocidal monsters to Justice. We are running out of time. Deeds Speak, Talks Cheap!

2022-04-12 The markets got horrific new today, yet the response was open way up and finish slightly down.
When you elect stupid corrupt leaders year after year, then only a stupid, spoiled, ignorant citizenry
can make such leaders possible. No rush, clearly the universe makes exceptions for stupid spoiled people.

Russia will finish off Ukraine within a month and then there will be Genocide trials for Zelensky
and his Nazi army we created. The USA created Bio-weapons labs will be exposed and
the massive civilian massacres by the Ukrainian armed forces will be exposed.

In the meantime, energy, interest rates, and all the other necessary commodities which Russia is the sole source for
Europe and the USA & allies will not be sold to us except using rubles or Gold. Ergo, our economy crashes faster and
faster as interest rates ruse faster and faster thereby crushing the collateral base of our banking system= bonds.

Notice, the so called economists on Bloomberg never point this
double entry book keeping necessity out, do they?
The market price of a bond decreases proportionately as interest rates rise.
e.g. a 5% $10,000 bond market price goes to $5,000 at a 10% bond rate.

Ergo, the bond collateral that a Bank can use for loans is cut in half
= borrower pays more or is forced into bankruptcy.

e.g. BLACKROCK, it has been paying top dollar for massive amounts of property using low interest
borrowed money and issuing stock shares. Hmm, high interest and inflation means no buyers.
Golly empty buildings that you have to pay maintenance and property taxes on.
Could that situation impact its stock price? Can one short BLACKROCK?

2022-04-04 The Dow, NASDAQ, S&P were up on a very low volume rally on horrific price news in all other prices.
Our corrupt banks and billionaires are trying for a 6 trillion plus bailout. That will not happen because interest rates up
mean property prices are about to collapse, vacancies will skyrocket, particularly new office buildings and also the massive new tenements they are building in the Democrat run hellholes like Seattle, New York, Chicago, San Fran, La etc.

That means a massive increase in taxes and the complete destruction of the $. Perhaps being busted and disgusted
will awaken enough of you to realize both political parties are completely well bought and paid for by these evil sociopaths who are trying to start a Nuclear War to save themselves only.

We must bankrupt them and a lot of you who believed their lies, so we can restart with an honest government.

2022-03-31 I changed title to above because I realized that Earth's citizens are NOT self-aware.
The fact that our "leaders" have deliberately worked to keep most of you not thinking, so you
operate at the stimulus/response level of a lynch mob is on them, UNTIL the markets crash.

Pain is what makes humans think, and an empty wallet is the most painful place on a human's anatomy.
No money, no eat. Don't want to pay Russia for what they sell, They won't sell it to you anymore.

The USA has been acting like a big time mobster enforcing a protection racket and WE elected it.

The market is dropping on low volume as very slowly at the margin, more and more of you are
awakening to our certain fate.

The question is: Will we choose to become to become honest by electing honest leaders???

2022-03-23 The Catastrophic financial Collapse I predicted has begun.
I have made way to many options bets to prove it.

Once you hedge with naked shorts as almost all our brokerage houses and commodity market makers
have done by their shorting with no collateral, baked this crash into the cake.

When was the only question. Biden's Puppet Masters directed him to force Russia to invade Ukraine.
In 2014 Zelensky was installed after the 1914 CIA coup directed by Victoria Nuland.

From 2214 on Zelensky, literally a Naz, idirected the slaughter of the Russian citizens in the Donbas.
This insured the inevitable response by Russia to protect the Russian population in the
Eastern half of Ukraine its its borders, and its borders.

Now a margin call is happening as the our brokerages do not hve the COLLATERAL(Cash
or the actual goodsshorted) to pay off their short bets with cash, Good/Silver, stocks etc.
This in turn ensures the derivatives market collapses and 2.4 quadrillion of derivatives disappears overnight.

These now broke rich guys are going to want the Fed to bail them out = print.
printing is what got us here. There is only solution, when you lose your hedging bet,
big or small, you must be bankrupted, OR we become Zimbabwe.

This is now a political decision. Liberty & Justice for all is created by accountability, or the USA is done.

2022-03-10 Why Is the Abstract the last piece of a scientific paper you write?

"Because it crystalizes the fundamental point your paper proves."
The evidence stated to confirm/disprove this point is stated below the Abstract.

A scientific discovery starts with a "I don't know the answer to a objective question about
what we perceive. Then by constant trial and error, you suddenly see the fundamental point
that answers the question. In short, the last thing you discover.

2022-03-07 "Oh if a man is as good as his word, as good as his word is he, and if he is as good
as his word, as good as his word is he, then he's good enough for me, he's good enough for me."

That is the theme song from a post WW2 western. I frequently Cut school at 14
to pay 35 cents to see three movies at the Embassy theater on First Avenue in Seattle,

The N1CL is a List of people who are as good as their word on Earth. Right now our USA led western
world leaders have broken our word to pay our debts, so they can start a Thermonuclear war.

Our only path to saving Earth is for We, the people to join in bringing these these Genocidal sociopaths to Justice.

2022-02-28 This will be the result of the USA forcing Russia to attack to stop NATO expansion..

Countries who deliberately refuse to compromise in order to start a war with their prime supplier of energy, fertilizer, aluminum, etc; will reap what they sowed, a crushing defeat.

Kicking Russia out of Swift and confiscating Russia's deposits in the USA controlled Western banks will force Russia to create an actual Gold backed currency. All that takes is 10% Gold backing in Russian open for verification vaults(unlike Fort Knox). Gold which Russia actually has.

Doing that will make the Ruble the hardest currency in the world. In turn that will unleash a massive increase in dollar prices on Western economies, causing an economic catastrophe leading to nuclear war.

Our super rich psychopathic insiders desperately want a nuclear wart so they can survive. For them, causing this war is easy, as they control their well bought and paid for political and corporate leaders.

Go to the No 1st Cost List to help stop these monsters to save Earth.

Talks cheap, Deeds speak!

2022-02-24 Our ABOVE THE LAW masters are lying us into a Nuclear War
All our lapdog major news outlets are screaming, increase sanctions, get tougher on Russia, despite
the clear fact that the USA has directed increases in Ukraine's violations of the Minsk agreements
after the USA took over Ukraine's government in 2014.

These news outlets obvious bias is "How dare Russia or any other country not obey the 'Wizard of Oz".
A real free country pays for cooperation with real goods & services that save time and effort for both
parties to an XC.

Instead our political/News leaders are whipping up a lynch Russia mob. A country who will not tolerate
any actual attack on its territory. Putin will use Nuclear weapons on us and Russia actually has
real nuclear proof bomb shelters for its people with a year or more of supplies. We don't, do we?

Our billionaire masters with access to deep bunkers think they can save themselves from the
oncoming E-T directed Asteroid by destroying the rest of us with a nuclear holocaust.

I suggest those Western/USA citizens that recognize what liars our news & political leaders are sign up
on the No 1st Cost List so we can stop this insane lynch mob nonsense before it kills us all.

2022-02-20 You Face a Kill or Be killed Choice:
We make this choice publicly within the next few months or Earth will be destroyed.

You are a self-aware soul. We can not as real physical souls wish Self-Awareness away.
This is the ultimate hard edge each of us faces. Almost all alive today have reincarnated here many times. Your choice now is the Love of Life and thus making, loving, and nurturing babies and children. In short Love Your Neighbor As yourself. Which means you practice No First Cost towards others,
or you choose the Dark, my desires first always side. A sociopath.

That does not mean you don't object and disagree, Au Contraire, the opposite, otherwise we can not minimize 1st Costs.

I know we reincarnate from direct experience, and I do know there is a ""heaven" and a 'hell".
Hell is the absence of God's presence, as you have freely chosen to live only for yourself all the time.
Fortunately, even in hell, you can always confess and repent and ask for God's love and forgiveness.

Being honorable requires courage because in the end, it is how and what you die for that matters.

2022-02-16 Trudeau in Canada is about to find out what trying to put all actual workers in Jail
works out. Apparently he is going to drive all those trucks and do all other work himself.

Creating real Goods Services requires exchanging time saved for time saved based on each party to an XC seeing that an XC does save them time and effort. That requires freedom, since only the person sitting on their own spot in time and space can know immediately what saves them time and effort.

By inspection, no government bureaucrat or wannabe tyrant can see or know the particular circumstances of time and place each feel at where we are.

Tyrants(claim to be dogooders) only want this power because it saves them time and effort. In short, they are selfish, greedy, assholes that must be brought to Justice or real civilization dies from cowardice.

2022-02-10 What is fascinating is the massive denial by the "financial press" that a real 20% accelerating inflation can justify a 2.2% 30 year bond. This mornings CPI will be "seasonally adjusted" down to 5-6%, but the Ford, GM, and Chrysler production closures have happened.

As interest rates increase, bond principle, the collateral for all loans in the system decreases. e.g. Double interest rates, then a 50% decrease in bond principle value occurs. This forces Lenders to demand more collateral = cash.

No one is bigger than the Market, and the worst place a country can be in, is being the universal debt settlement currency when you use force to make other countries use your currency to avoid balancing your books.

Instead we issued 2.4 quadrillion of, by inspection, unrepayable debt so we could be an empire.

My fellow USA citizens voted for this insane nonsense by ignoring our thuggish ways around the world.
Now you are going to discover how few friends a deadbeat murderous liar has.

Our choice is clear: We bring the psychopathic insider buyers of our politicians and government bureaucrats
to Justice now or we are done as a free people.

2022-02-07 Fords and necessarily GM's & Chrysler's closing of production plants because of computer chip shortages
is disastrous for them and our economy. Now Apple, Microsoft, etc are buying back stocks to support the market.
This means they must settle these trades with cash. Selling cash instruments means interest rates must rise.

Rising short term interest rates means the yield curve starts to invert faster and faster. As long bond rates
rise the principle value(collateral for other loans) declines causing lenders to demand more collateral
which causes foreclosures and quickly stops new construction projects. This all results in massive layoffs.

Notice, this is a mechanical process and is irreversible once it starts. Nobody, no entity is bigger the the Market,
because the Market is all of us, especially including that cabal of crooks running the Federal Reserve, a private bank.

Creating conditions for a Catastrophic Financial Collapse requires corrupt leaders and a self pampered citizenry
who won't hold their leaders and themselves accountable for telling public lies.

Here in Seattle and King County, every buildable lot has new multi-story construction going on. Luckily for thm when they are finished a new real estate company now owns all of them: For Lease.

BLACKROCK owns a ton of these properties. It paid top dollar with I suspect borrowed money.
What happens to their stock price when they must pay more interest and maintenance
on empty lots, unfinished construction, and empty buildings

"I swear to speak honestly and seek the truth when I use the No 1st Cost List public record."

Last edited by Dan on Tue Jul 19, 2022 8:07 am; edited 35 times in total

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